THE JOHN MERRILL MINISTRY - "Embracing and honouring all faiths and none"
by Revd. John N. Merrill

At present under English law, I am unable to do the legal side of marriage – you will have to make arrangement with your local Registry Office, for an official to do a very simple and short ceremony. This is to obtain your official marriage certificate, and should be done a day or two before the main ceremony. In the Registry Office service, you should not exchange rings or say your vows - These will be done in the proper service that I conduct. 

There is considerable work in getting everything right for the day, and I will liaise with you and the venue to ensure everything is perfect. We will also have a couple of rehearsals in the final days. A signed agreement is entered into for payment.

Distance is no problem for I conduct services in Britain and thoughout the world!

A recent wedding ceremony, I conducted, in Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge, Chingford, Epping Forest, Essex. The lodge was built by Henry 8th. and is approx. 450 years old.

In September 2015, I conducted the first Marriage Ceremony in the newly restored City Hall in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Thatched hut in the London Wetlands (Barnes) used for Wedding ceremonies- holds 40 people.

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