THE JOHN MERRILL MINISTRY - "Embracing and honouring all faiths and none"
Practising Shibashi 1.
Shibashi 1 Qigong and other forms
with Revd. John N. Merrill

Learn and understand the oldest, gentlest but most beneficial exercise in the world. Ten to fifteen minutes a day bring immeasurable health benefits for the whole body, mind and spirit. Among its many virtues - it prolongs life, makes you youthful, keeping you active and happy for years to come.

Learn the mechanics and the simple movements of the 18 move programme called Shibashi. Originating in China these simple arm, leg and breathing exercises, stimulate all your organs renewing them with energy, the life force, chi. All based on Doaist philosophy.

Suitable for any age the exercises can be done standing up or sitting in a chair. Age is no barrier and as you learn the moves you will smile and be more content with life, while getting the best and easiest health exercise, proven to work for more than 2,500 years. Once the secret of Emperor's, it  is now practised by  millions world wide.

Let John Merrill teach you the moves, which promote long life, good health and make you 10 years younger.

Other forms taught - 
The Eight Brocades
The Ten symbols of Longevity.
Shibashi 2
Shibashi 3
Fire Qigong
Water Qigong
Bang (Chinese Ruler) 8 move routine.
Bang - 100 day Gong routine.

Further details from - 
Revd. John N. Merrill
32, Holmesdale,
Waltham Cross,

Tel. 01992 – 762776
Email –

Weekly Class 
My Qigong group on World Qigong day, 2016.

Friday s  - 7 - 8pm - Waltham Abbey Community Centre, Saxon Way, Waltham Abbey, 
Essex EN9 1QD

Photo - World Qigong Day 2017.

100 day Gong Bang Routine certificate. John completed his consecutive 100 days on October 24th. 2017.

Pictures from 2018 Qigong Christmas Party.

Qigong Shibashi class
Pay for 5 clases and get the sixth free; classes are (£5 per class - drop in charge £7.50)
Price: £25.00
Please book your place!     See separate booking form.

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