THE JOHN MERRILL MINISTRY - "Embracing and honouring all faiths and none"
All Faiths Church  - 

In August 2010 I had a very deep lucid dream of building this church. Two days later I painted what I have seen and now plan to build the world's first inter-faith church.

Basic aim, a church -  All Faiths - “Embracing and honouring all faiths”.

Circular with book shop, cafe, toilets, meditation room, small conference room and Vestment office, around the inside. The outer walls having seven clear perpendicular windows.

The main circular shrine, with central altar, with seating for upto 250 people. The central ceiling having clear windows, projecting light on the altar. Around the walls are eight specially designed stained glass windows depicting worlds faiths - including Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Mother Earth, Native American, Doaism and lesser faiths such as Sikhism, Sufism, Jainism, Quaker, Amish,etc.

To hold weddings and funerals, special events, day retreats and conferences. The church also acts as an educational need to teach school children the different aspects of each faith.

My visualisation and dream.How I saw it in my dreamBasic layout as portrayed by my dream.Basic design as featured in my dream.

My logo - embracing and honouring all faiths.

Donations are welcome! I will keep everyone informed about the progress of this project.

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