THE JOHN MERRILL MINISTRY - "Embracing and honouring all faiths and none"
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Independent Multi-faith minister - "Embracing and honouring all faiths and none." A universal monk.

My Ministry covers all Pilgrim's Way books,
my special Funerals Services and weddings and Qigong classes.
Plus details of my all embracing faith and
about my "vision" for a multi-faith church
which I plan to build.

There are also details about my talks and a 
Pilgrim's Roll of Honour, of those who
have followed in my footsteps from my

There is much to come as I continue to
enlarge this site....... keep following!
May I wish  the year brings you everything you wish for.
Peace and abundant blessings, John,

For all my books see -

On Saturday September 19th. 2015, John created history by doing the first wedding ceremony in the restored City Hall in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The building is magnificent and he married a Bosnian - Muslim & Christian to a Hindu; a wonderful meaningful ceremony.

City Hall, Sarajevo.

The wedding Room.

 Weekly Qigong class  in Waltham Abbey  Community Centre
Fridays - 7pm - 8pm  - see separate section for info.

Interfaith Pilgrims walk launch - Sunday June 14th. 2015
Tibetan Peace Gardens, Elephant & Castle, London.

John's latest book Pilgrimage walk
St. Cuthbert's Way from Melrose to Lindisfarne - July 2015

John at the junction of the Pennine Way & St. Cuthert's Way.

In June 2016, John did the 200 mile Pilgrimage walk from Winchester to Mont St. Michel; a stunning walk and pilgrimage. See his new book - "Walking to Mont St. Michel" for the amazing story!

John is talking about his walking life - "Walking my Way" on Monday November 21st. 2016 in the Epping Hall, St. Johns Road, Epping, Essex CM16 5JU
Tickets £5 each from -

NEW- Two Island Pilgrims Walk - 64  miles - from Ramsgate via Minster on The Isle of Thanet, Canterbury, Faversham, Sittingbourne to Minster Abbey on the Isle of Sheppey. A route tracing early Christian settlements of the 7th. century.

My London to Canterbury Pilgrim guide has now been sold worldwide, with copies being sent all over Europe, including France, Switzerland, Norway and Spain. In the last week copies have been sent to America (USA), Australia and Singapore!

John's latest pilgrimage walk - June 2016 - 230 miles from Farnham along St. Swithin's Way to Winchester, and then along the Chemin de Mont St. Michel to Portsmouth, Cherbourg and on down to Mont St. Michel. A fantastic walk and no other walker/pilgrims!!! The final 5 miles is walking barefoot across the sand, mud and rivers - upto your waist in water - to Mont St. Michel. A truly wonderful experience. Photo at top.

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